Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tiny Kitchen Tour: Appliances

On the subject of appliances and doors colliding, how about this one?  Not that I would purposely open the oven door and the fridge at the same time, but let's just say it's happened once or twice.

As I said in yesterday's post, this kitchen was not designed for large appliances; the footprint is small and most of  it is occupied by appliances that are not the right scale for the space. At 33 inches wide and 34 inches deep, this fridge occupies a lot of precious kitchen real estate, and the interior space is so much more than I need.  I shop daily, so my refrigerator is never full; space for perishables--cheese, butter, milk, eggs--is what I need.

Earlier this year, Apartment Therapy posted on small apartment size fridges, and I continue to refer to that list as I plan my kitchen renovation.  And this jewel box kitchen with its column fridge never ceases to inspire me.

In the meantime, this refrigerator door-oven door thing in the photo gives new meaning to the phrase "from fridge-to-oven!"


  1. What are you going to do? The dishwasher was one thing, but this is something altogether different! :) Actually, this series is so enlightening and I'm curious to see what solutions you come up with. Are you going to create a euro style kitchen with a small fridge and everything? Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be chic and efficient.

    You are making me re-think what I can do in my own kitchen. it's very inspiring.

  2. Steph, at this point, all I can do is laugh about it!

    Yes, I am going to go for a Euro-style kitchen--perhaps all the appliances on one wall? I was set on U-Line's undercounter fridge and freezer drawers, but after talking with my architect, I'm not sure much is gained. I'm more likely to go with a narrow column fridge to take advantage of the vertical space.

    Also would like a small 24 inch stove, but I'm having a hard time finding all the features I want in that size.

  3. I have no idea your budget, but I can tell you that you might consider ordering a European oven. Theirs really are smaller, but still made for home chefs so pretty good on the features!

    My other suggestion would be to utilize wall space. A wall oven with your stove on a countertop with storage below.

  4. I considered a wall oven with a cooktop, but, the cooktop would eat up too much counterspace, plus more space taken up by the wall oven. That's why I was thinking a smaller stove.

    Kalee, you lived in Europe for a while, yes? Did you use a smaller European oven?

  5. P.S. Kalee, you just gave me an idea: I never considered a TWO burner cooktop and a wall oven. Now that might be a possibility . . .

  6. I love the narrow column fridges you linked too. I bet they would work.

  7. I like the narrow fridge and little oven in the kitchen link. Do you know what your neighbors have done in their kitchen?

  8. Steph, I LOVE those column fridges!

    Leigh, I continue to go to open houses in the neighborhood when there's a house with an interesting/different approach to the kitchen layout. Most of designs are open kitchen plans that open into the dining room, but I can't decide yet if I want my kitchen to be separate or open . . .

  9. Our home was on base, so we had regular American sized appliances. However, I had a good friend who lived offbase in an apt, with all the washing machine in the tiny kitchen glory! She had a smaller refrigerator and a tiny little Euro oven. But it worked. She was still able to cook and bake, you just learn to use smaller dishes/pans. And honestly, even with my big staub pot it would have fit in there, just not had as much space all around it like in my American oven now.