Monday, December 13, 2010

J'adore "Tiny Kitchen"

Since moving to my new house, I've been obsessed with finding ways to make my small kitchen more efficient and pleasant.  Happily, my obsession led me to a delightful series of cooking videos, "Tiny Kitchen with Jill Santopietro." 

At the time the series was filmed, Santopietro was a recipe tester for the New York Times, and did all of her cooking and recipe testing in her very tiny New York City kitchen.  In fact, the "Tiny Kitchen" series was renamed "Kitchen 4B" -- Santopietro's apartment number.

Not only are the videos expert and informative, Jill Santopietro is charming.  She's a natural in front of the camera, and watching her turn out fabulous food in that tiny space serves as a reminder that it's not the kitchen that makes the cook.

Those of you who appreciate small kitchens will enjoy Santopietro's take on the 12 top tools for a small kitchen (Kristi, you will love this!)  She is also expert at using mise en place, and cleaning-as-you-go to keep surfaces clean and clear.

And even if you don't cook in a small kitchen, treat yourself to a dose of "Tiny Kitchen"--you'll love it!


  1. This is a great link. I just watched two of her videos and will be watching more.

  2. I haven't even clicked yet and I already love it

  3. WE have a larger kitchen, and as it is definitely the place to gather in my home I love it. But as we love older homes more than likely we'll have a smaller kitchen in the future. I think that the things she teaches is so very important in any kitchen though! I have to prep and clean as I go so that I'm not overwhelmed in the end.