Friday, July 2, 2010

Week-end Simple: Go out for ice cream

Ice cream featured prominently in a recent thread on the French Chic group. Members confessed their indulgence in portions large and small, and the perils of having ice cream in the freezer.

But what would summer be without ice cream? As a child, "going out for ice cream" was the summer treat, and I continue that tradition with my son when we walk over to our local ice creamery. During the summers in Annecy, the ice cream shop is a destination with my nephews: we take the boat across the lake and wind our way up the quai to Glacier Perrière where half the fun is choosing the flavor.

This weekend, go out for ice cream. So what if it's not Berthillon? Baskin-Robbins will do just fine! My week-end treat will be a boule of fresh strawberry. How about you?

Bon week-end!


  1. Our (my husband's and my) dream is to open an ice cream shop, just like Bi-Rite Creamery in San Francisco, where they have really great flavors like salted butter caramel, honey lavender, and balsamic strawberry. If there were ever a vacancy in the building that we think would be perfect for the shop, we'd take it as a sign that the universe wants us to go for it. So, we keep our eyes open for that!

    Love ice cream, love it.

    We bought a heavy duty Italian ice cream maker three summers ago after discovering Bi-Rite. Use it all the time, worth every penny.

    David Lebovitz is the ice cream god, by the way ....

  2. Thanks for the reminder to indulge myself in one of life's best pleasures....ummmmm
    Happy 4th.


  3. I like ice cream as much as the next gal, but fortunately for me, it's not a dangerous food to have around. A small scoop of Breyer's mint chocolate chip suits me very well now and again. Or else, DH and I very occasionally will walk from 3 blocks from our office (we work at the same company) to a locally owned ice cream shop for a cup. We tell ourselves we are "walking it off" on the way back!

  4. I enjoyed some gelato at the baseball game. Yummy!