Monday, January 11, 2010

Coteaux du Languedoc, Picpoul de Pinet

I had never heard of Picpoul de Pinet, but there it was in Whole Foods: $6.98 a bottle and "one of our all time best selling wines" the sign claimed. How could I not try it?

I did a little research on Picpoul de Pinet and found this post on Tales from Languedoc Wine Country written by wine master Juliet Bruce Jones. After reading Juliet's post I decided that seafood would be the best pairing for this wine, so this evening I prepared an easy salmon en papilotte.

And the wine? Fantastique! If I had to compare it, I would say the taste reminds me of a pinot grigio--clean, fresh, and light--and paired perfectly with the fish. Again, the price of $6.98 a bottle makes it an affordable, everyday table wine. Between the taste and the price, I understand why it is one of the best selling wines at Whole Foods. If you can buy it, you have to try it!

This will also be a perfect warm weather wine, so I'll be going back to stock up for spring.


  1. The one thing I miss since moving to Massachusetts is being able to buy wine at only a limited number of stores in any market chain can carry the proper licenser to sell alcohol...and no Wholefoods near me is one of those in the that chain. Of course its not as if the Boston stores are big enough for a wine section!

  2. EC, if you enjoy white wine, it would be worth finding a bottle of Picpoul de Pinet. And, I'd be interested in hearing your opinion, especially if you didn't buy it at Whole Foods; I wonder if other labels would be as good as this one.

  3. I am loving this series! I'm taking notes.

  4. Yum! Sounds good with cheese and berries.

  5. Isn't Picpoul fantastic! Juliet is a good friend of mine. Any wine that she recommends is a wine to buy!