Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shopping the farmers market

The farmers market was busy this morning and the baskets were brimming. Melons seem to be at the height of their season and they fragranced the air. So many good things available that will be perfect fillings for this week's tarts.

I find my way to Musachio’s, one of my favorite vendors; the Musachio farm is located on the Eastern Shore and they have been at the farmers market for many years, long before I started visiting. Their specialty is berries in season and today they have my favorites--blackberries and raspberries, both of which will be excellent in a tart. I buy 4 pints of each of the berries, enough to make a tart, some for freezing, and some to snack on through the week. (Berries are easy to freeze, and I buy an extra pint each week when they are in season so I’ll have them through the fall and into the winter.)

D & S Farm is another favorite, and that is where I buy my nectarines. I prefer nectarines to peaches for baking; no need to peel them, and they hold their shape well in tartes and galettes. I buy 10 nectarines, some for baking, some for snacking. I also buy some four heirloom tomatoes about the size of my fist, three green zuchinni squash, and ten onions, all of which I will use to make savory tarts.

Before leaving, I buy two of those fragrant cantaloupes—not for a tart, but just for eating because I can’t resist the way they smell.

Tomorrow's post: Raspberry galette


  1. So what did you cook with all of your treasures?

    I used to have a crummy farmers market within walking distance of my house. It ended for good last year. Now there's a new one, which I think is larger, about three miles away. I plan to go next Saturday and check it out. I've been perusing Alice Waters' "Art of Simple Food" cookbook and there are so many recipes I'd love to try with really fresh produce.

  2. Today I made a raspberry galette, which I'll serve for dinner this evening. I also have plans for a few savory tarts through the week, as well as another dessert tart with nectarines and blackberries.