Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alliance Française

The other day, Stephanie, from Bonjour Madame, asked if there was an Alliance Française in my area; this prompted an idea for a post, and another way you can become more of the French community where you live.

Many of you know about Alliance Française. a language and cultural center whose mission is to promote French language and francophone culture. The Alliance Française does this through language programs and public programs at local chapters throughout the United States. In my area there is the Alliance Française de Washington where I have attended lectures, films, and live performances.

Want to know if there is an Alliance Francaise chapter in you area? Visit the Alliance Francaise chapter locator to find out. But even if there isn't a chapter in your area, you might consider subscribing to the free newsletter. It's another simple, affordable way to bring a little more of France into your life.


  1. I was a member of the Alliance Francaise when I lived in Atlanta. I just went to the website and discovered, to my surprise, that there is a chapter in my tiny town. I am going to send an e-mail to inquire about joining my local chapter. Thanks for the link.

  2. I loved AF classes as well, took them when I worked in Switzerland. I took the Niveau 1 test, still need to do my second test! So rusty now!

  3. I was a member here but found the lessons while magnificent, I just could not go to the location after dark due to the neighborhood and potential for crime. I wish they would move to a safer location. I still get notices from them on their events and I have attended some really fun things at other locations.